Professional Trading System

Make 1.5% Per Day - 200 Days - 300% Total Income

We know how to make a profit whether the market is moving up or down. We take risks in order to get rewarded and we know how to control our losses

About Pegasus

We are a group of experts specialized in cryptocurrency trading and risk management. For several years we've been observing the crypto market and how we can take advantage of the price fluctuations. As time passed, we gained experience and studied new techniques to lower the risk, maximize our profit, and maintain a stable income for a long time.

Trading is not an easy task. Only a few can give results and provide a long-term project. We believe we have what it takes to be leaders in this field and provide the best results within a sustainable platform.

We can say, with confidence, that a 1.5% per day return is feasible. Not only that, we can make much more than 1.5% in just a few minutes. Risk management is the key to keep doing what we do without losing a significant amount of funds. That's why our team has the skills to keep the trades always under control. We also care about the safety of funds and the security of the platform. Therefore, Pegasus has a hardware cold wallet and the latest security applications.

How to Get Started


Sign up for Pegasus

Click signup, fill in the required fields "use a valid email address". As soon as you finish the registration, a confirmation email will be sent to you. Follow the link and sign in.


Make a deposit

Choose one of the supported payments method and the amount from the deposit page inside your account. Follow instructions and wait for few minutes to show up in your dashboard.


Start earning

As soon as your deposit is confirmed, it will show up in your dashboard. Your accruals will occur 24 hours after your deposit hits the website wallet and will be sent immediately to your balance.


Professional Traders

Our traders work every day. All trades are processed manually to avoid any sudden changes on the market that may cause us losses while using bots. They are dedicated, committed, professional, and skillful.

Earn 7 days a week

Unlike forex trading, Pegasus specialized in crypto trading, which means no weekends, no holidays. The system will always keep paying investors until their deposits reach 300% profit.

Instant withdrawals

When we say Instant, it means immediately without any delays. You will receive your payments right after you confirm the request. It doesn't matter how much you withdraw. It will always hit your wallet in no time.

Improvement & Flexibility

Our developers are always ready to improve the website, add new features or modify the script and system. Our client's suggestions are a priority for us if you have any, we are always glad to hear them.


Pegasus has the highest security standards installed to make sure your personal information and funds are 100% safe. DDoS protection, Comodo SSL certificate, dedicated server, WAF, domain backup.

24/7 Support Team

Our support team is available around the clock to help you. If you have an issue concerning registration, deposit, withdrawal, referrals, security settings, it will be resolved within 24 hours or less.

Funds are SAFU

Hardware Cold Wallet

We keep funds in a cold wallet, only a small part of money remains in the website hot wallet to pay daily withdrawals and commissions. Then, the fund management team is responsible for transferring it to traders.

Secure Asset Fund

Besides the hardware cold wallet, a percentage of the profit we make is stored apart as an emergency reserve to protect clients' investments and to pay back investors in case of a hack or other event resulting in the loss of user assets.

Platform Security Audit

We can say, using Pegasus platform is almost 100% safe from all known attacks and vulnerabilities. Each month, an audit by a third-party company is performed to ensure the safety and security of the platform's use.


6197 Clients
$ 1,505,704
$ 467,697
153 Days Online

Investment Plan

1.5% Daily - 200 Days
Deposit Supported Payments


Min/Max Deposit

From 50 USD to 250 000 USD

Min Withdraw

10 USD

Withdrawal Payment System

Instant Payment in BTC

Total Income


Referral Program

14% Commission on a 3-level referral system
Besides the daily income, Pegasus offers a profitable referral system for regular users. Sharing your link is an opportunity to earn 14% commissionon a 3-level referral system. Each time your referral makes a deposit, you will receive an instant commission transferred to your balance you can withdraw immediately.

Levels: 8% 4% 2%

Conditions to get the commission

Until the official launch end of May, you only need to be a registered user. After that, a minimum deposit is required.

20% Commission on a 9-levels referral system
A team leader will get 20% Commission on a 9-levels referral system.

Levels: 9% 5% 3% 1% 0.6% 0.5% 0.4% 0.3% 0.2%

Conditions to become a team leader

1- The turnover of the first-level team has to be equal to 25k USD.

2- A minimum deposit of 500 USD is required.

Along with the 9-levels and 20% commission, a team leader will get a one-time bonus each time the turnover of his first-level team reach the following amount

25k USD Turnover Bonus: 500 USD withdrawable + 250 USD active deposit.

50k USD Turnover Bonus: 1k USD withdrawable + 500 USD active deposit.

100k USD Turnover Bonus: 2k USD withdrawable + 1k USD active deposit.

250k USD Turnover Bonus: 5k USD withdrawable + 2.5k USD active deposit.

500k USD Turnover Bonus: 10k USD withdrawable + 5k USD active deposit.

1mil USD Turnover Bonus: 20k USD withdrawable + 10k USD active deposit.


Your account will automatically be upgraded immediately after conditions are met.


3% of the fee we charge you on every deposit & withdrawal will be redistributed evenly among each user who has an active deposit.


Open an account at Pegasus.


Deposit at least 50 USD or more to receive the divs.


Set back & watch your balance grow.



Pegasus Pre-Launch

We are proud to announce that Pegasus is online in its pre-launched period. The official launch date will be in May 2022.

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Social Media

You can now find us on Telegram, Discord, Twitter, and Facebook. We are more than happy to support you anywhere you like.

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More Accepted Coins

We have added more coins. You can now choose any coins you like to invest with from the list on the deposit page.

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Pegasus Update

We've heard investors complaining about the $30 min withdrawal & that it will take a long time for investors with small investments to withdraw.

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New Feature "Dividends"

Each time a user makes a deposit, 3% of the deposit amount is distributed evenly to every user with an active deposit & the same for withdrawal.

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We Accept ePayCore

As promised, ePayCore is now fully functional. You can deposit & get paid in BTC.

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Pegasus Update

New accepted coins, team leaders referral program, logo redesign and bug fixes.

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Below you will find answers for the most common and frequently asked questions. If you don't find an answer to your question, write to us here, our support will answer you.

Pegasus is a crypto trading platform that offers a fixed interest rate on investments daily. For more info, please read the About us section on the homepage.

The registration is simple. You have to fill in the form, agree to the Privacy Policy and solve google reCAPTCHA. Please provide a valid e-mail address to verify your account and to be able to login.

All your info is 100% safe in Pegasus. Any transferred information within our website is encrypted by COMODO SSL and protected from getting to a third party. Our system uses a one-way encryption algorithm to store your password that makes it almost impossible to crack.

No KYC required to use Pegasus. We value the importance of our customer's anonymity and the security of their personal info.

To protect your funds from being hacked, we have added Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) as an extra level of security. 2FA is MANDATORY. You will have to set it up right after your first login.

On sign in page at the bottom of the window, click <a href="#forgot" class="modal-btn">Forgot password?</a> and follow instructions sent to you by e-mail.

We accept the following currencies for deposits: ePayCore, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDC, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Tron, USDT(ERC20), USDT(TRC20), Ripple, Dash, Stellar, Doge, Bitcoin Gold, Monero, Zcash, Ethereum Classic, Bnbmainnet(BEP2), Solana, EOS, Chainlink, Polygon MATIC, Klever, Pancakeswap, Shiba Inu, Waves, Vechain, Polkadot, Zilliqa, Tezos, Coin, Cosmos(ATOM), Verge, Qtum, DigiByte, Basic Attention Token, Ark, ICON(ICX), Neo, Ravencoin, NEM(XEM), Uniswap, Filecoin(FILMAINNET) & Theta Network.

Payments in Bitcoin.

Your deposit will show up in your account automatically after 2 to 3 blockchain network confirmations. Your deposit will show up immediately after the payment process is completed.

Withdrawals are instant after the request is processed by our payment processor.

Yes, we charge 5% fee on both depositing and withdrawing.

The minimum investment amount is $50, the maximum amount is $250 000.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $10. There is no maximum limit for withdrawal.

Yes, we offer 3-levels referral program 8%-4%-2% for regular users and 9-levels 9% 5% 3% 1% 0.6% 0.5% 0.4% 0.3% 0.2% for team leaders.

Until the official launch end of May, you need to be a registered user only. After that, a minimum deposit is required.

No, we do not allow this action.

Generally, no! but in some cases, such as you lost access to your e-mail account, you have to contact our support to verify you own the account.

You can create multiple accounts as long as they aren't your referrals. Abusing the system will lead to a permanent suspension of your accounts.

Get in Touch

Our support team is available around the clock to help you. Your questions will be resolved within 24 hours or less

  • Pegasus Company
    Dubai Investments House, 4th Floor - UAE

  • 7 days a week:
    08:00 - 08:00

  • [email protected]

Pegasus Pre-Launch

We are proud to announce that Pegasus is online in its pre-launched period. The official launch date will be end of May 2022.

The purpose of pre-launch is for users to test whether the system and features are working as designed or not. During this period, we invite you to explore the platform and report any bugs or issues.

The platform will have all of its features and applications ready for the official launch. <br> We will do the necessary to make Pegasus the platform you are waiting for.

Welcome to Pegasus, your profitable and long-term platform.

Social Media

You can now find us on Telegram, Discord, Twitter, and Facebook. We are more than happy to support you anywhere you like.


Telegram Chat Group | Telegram News Channel




More Accepted Coins

We have added more coins. You can now choose any coins you like to invest with from the list on the deposit page.


Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDC, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Tron, USDT(ERC20), USDT(TRC20), Dash, Stellar, Doge, Bitcoin Gold, Monero, Zcash, Verge, Qtum, DigiByte, Basic Attention Token, Ark, Neo, Ravencoin, Uniswap

Keep in mind

▪️The min. withdraw is 30 USD

▪️Payments are in BITCOIN ONLY

Welcome to Pegasus The Fully Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Pegasus Update

We've heard investors complaining about the $30 min withdrawal & it will take a long time for investors with small investments to withdraw. We did some calculations to see if there is a possibility to lower that & we've decided the following:

Min. withdrawal is now 10 USD

We made some design modifications to improve the user experience. The work is still in progress. We have more tweaks to add in the coming days.

ePayCore is in progress & it will be ready soon.

Withdrawals are still in BTC ONLY. Why?!

The short answer: It is easier for us to trade & pay with only one coin. Funds management can be time-consuming & can draw our focus away from what's more important (trading & making profits).

We are doing our best to show you that, in Pegasus, we care about our investors. We consider your suggestions & we do what is most suitable for all of us to make the platform a safe investment place.


New Feature "Dividends"

Each time a user makes a deposit, 3% of the deposit amount is distributed evenly to every user with an active deposit & the same for withdrawal. A total of 6% from the fee we charge you on deposit & withdrawal is now back to you & more.

You can check the status of your divs on the Dividends page in your BackOffice.

We are doing our best to show you that, in Pegasus, we care about our investors. We consider your suggestions & we do what is most suitable for all of us to make the platform a safe investment place.


We Accept ePayCore

As promised, ePayCore is now fully functional. You can select ePayCore from the list of accepted payments system on "Deposit" page.

Dividends works for ePayCore too.

Same min deposit/withdraw for all.

You deposit using ePayCore. You will be paid in BTC as usual.


Pegasus Update

New accepted coins you can use to deposit with on our platform.


Team leaders referral system.

Logo redesign.

Bug fixes.


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Additional information about Data collection and processing

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